A variety of services to keep your facility safe and looking great.

  • Bleacher Repair

    Bleacher Repair and Bleacher safety are important but chances are you did not hire your staff to fix bleachers. From a liability standpoint, you want a fully insured company like American Athletix to take care of your bleachers. From a practicality standpoint, even if your staff can fix bleachers, they probably hate to do it. Finally, as your maintenance staff continues to shrink you just do not have the manpower to make your safety repairs. Others hate to work on bleachers—We love it!

  • Bleacher inspection

    The Bleacher Pros at American Athletix have inspected thousands of bleachers. Our report is tops in the industry. More experience and more precision. Need we say more?

  • New bleacher consultation

    Because American Athletix inspects hundreds of bleachers every year and repairs many, we offer unique advice when you are deciding on whether to buy new bleachers or upgrade your current seating.  We will outline the benefits to both options and provide a cost per seat comparison.

  • Compare quotes

    We will be happy to look at any quote from any company and tell you what it would cost for us to do the same work. Sometimes that means we might need to visit your facility to look at the bleachers in question. We do that without cost to you.

  • Hoist & safety straps

    American Athletix inspects and provides preventive maintenance for all safety straps and winches in your facility. Whether it is on your stage, in your auditorium or in your gym we can take care of it. We are certified Spalding Gym Pros.  Hoist Inspection?  Safety Strap Inspection?  Hit the contact button.

  • Bleacher Repair
  • Bleacher Inspections
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  • Indoor Bleacher repairs