Wall Graphics

  • Fresh New Gym Wall Padding

Wall graphics could make magic in a lot of gyms, because in many gyms there is a big bare wall or, maybe, just a big purposeless wall. Imagine that lack of purpose replaced with an intentional plan to make your gym come alive with school spirit.  Make that blank wall explode with your school logo or mascot bursting through the wall.

Your students will love it. Your athletes will be proud of it.  The fans will be fired up.  Professional designers can make just about anything that you can conceive happen on these walls. Dream big then ask the professionals at American Athletix to design your personalized wall graphics.  Decide big then ask us to install it.

Standout from the crowd and standup for your teams with custom wall graphics.  You can use your art or American Athletix can help you design something new.

The Graphic Banner will make your gym come alive better than any addition you can make to your facility.  If you can imagine it, almost anything can be accomplished.

This is a great sports booster project.

Classes may wish to donate it at graduation time.

Businesses may want to tastefully sponsor it.

Give us a call and let’s see what we can make happen together.


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