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There is a difference between brands of safety straps. American Athletix has serviced them all. We have repaired some and replaced others and we know when it’s time to take action. We would like to share our expertise with you.

The New Aut-o-Loc 2   Our Gymnasium Safety Strap by LynRus defines a new standard in gymnasium equipment safety. The all new Patent Pending design is backed by years of experience and testing. Faster and stronger than other designs, significantly lowering the total force your suspended equipment will experience if a fall should happen.

Secure Lock The all new patent pending Aut-O- LocTM2 with Secure Lock captures a falling load and prevents the re-use of actuated safety straps.

Fail Safe Operation Should the movement of a load ever exceed the normal operating parameters, the Aut-O-LocTM2 prevents a free fall by sensing, not only, speed but acceleration, engaging only when it’s truly needed without the danger of false locks that can damage your equipment.

New Attachment System Stands up to loads as high as 10,000 lbs and mounts parallel or 900 on 3 inch pipe or 4 inch tube.

Powerful Recoil Generates over 50% more belt tension than other designs.

Fully Supported Drum Captures the most demanding loads while maintaining strap alignment.

No Guesswork Travel Indicators leave no doubt as to whether the safety straps have captured an equipment fall or simply reached maximum belt deployment.

Whisper Quiet Operation that avoids the irritating chatter of toggle and rachet mechanisms.

Heat Treated Housing works for roller coaster wheels and increases strength by as much as 50% over other designs.

If you want to learn more about our Lynrus safety straps please call us today at 888-399-4999.  One of our gymnasium safety experts will be able to help you with your questions. Also feel free to contact us via email using the button below.

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