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All American Scoreboards, a division of Everbrite, has chosen American Athletix as its representative for its high quality scoreboards. The shatterproof polycarbonate face on these scoreboards withstands the force of the best fastballs which also provides protection in the toughest of environments.

Our affordable and customizable scoreboards are built to meet your needs. Vivid LED technology brings you bright displays that save energy and are low on maintenance. We provide up-front value, functionality, scalability, fan engagement, information delivery and advertising capabilities.

Made in the USA is a term that is increasingly hard to find when it comes to technology. All American has seven manufacturing plants in the USA with the capability to bring an unparalleled set of options to the forefront.

A dedicated electronics facility enables us to offer LED Design Application Engineering to meet UL requirements. That allows American Athletix and All American Scoreboards to deliver a diverse line of dependable quality scoreboards at the lowest possible cost.

Stunning clarity and imaging show off your teams true colors with an unprecedented 4.29 Trillion RGB colors—- better than the best HDTV in any living room.

Our video scoreboards can be scaled to fit any size, display and run a virtual scoreboard that can be paired with any of our indoor or outdoor scoreboards.

American Athletix sells, installs and services these state-of-the art scoreboards.  In addition, the All American service hotline provides to-the-point service to get you back on target if you need a little help with your product.

Some of the key points on All American boards:

  • Aluminum extrusion frame with continuous mounting channels. This means there is no need to weld or drill, and there is greater structural integrity.
  • The wireless and rechargeable battery components are built in, so there is no external cables or modems.
  • Built-in polycarbonate shatterproof protective face panels provide protection up to 100 mph, with no discoloration or cracking.  See the video here.
  • All American Scoreboards use more LED lights than any other brand of scoreboard- making them more clear, brighter, and easier to see.Same digits & components are used in ExxonMobil, Marathon, and other gas station price signs which are required to run 24/7/365.


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