Outdoor Bleachers

  • Front Aisle and ADA Provisions
  • Outdoor bleacher inspection by American Athletix

An American Athletix bleacher inspection for your outdoor seating helps make sure you have the information to make a good decision on bleacher replacement or bleacher repair.

You can be sure that we sell new outdoor bleachers. That’s not too hard. Lots of companies do that. Anyone who can throw together a web page can be an outdoor bleacher company.

Here’s what’s special about American Athletix.

  • We can take your old outdoor bleachers and make them like new.
  • We can take your bleacher problems and solve them.
  • We can inspect your bleachers and make sure that you are safe.

We offer seating capacities from 20 -20,000.

Our long association with National Recreation and other outdoor bleacher providers helps us stay well supplied with plenty of bleacher options for your facility.  Because of these relationships and the ability to fabricate our own parts we are always able to have what we need to get the job done.

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