Indoor Bleacher Repairs– Or Replacement

  • Indoor Bleacher repairs
  • Indoor bleacher repairs -- Safety bleacher end rails

Our specialty is Indoor bleacher repairs, bleacher maintenance and refurbishing bleachers.  If it is broken, we can fix it.  If something is missing, we can replace it.  If you need a part, we have it.  We are the bleacher pros.

You don’t have to pull your bleachers manually anymore, because we can provide our integral power units to help open your bleachers with the push of a button.  If your budget is low, we can provide the Bleacher Boss to ease the operation of the bleachers.

Plastic seat modules— we have them.

New bleachers— we will take care of you.

Retrofit your old bleachers with aisles, aisle rails, and end rails to make everyone’s experience at the game just a little safer.  Everywhere people play, we are ready to provide just what you need for your seating.

Our end curtains can help discourage people from crawling under your bleachers.

Rails, power units and boards are all manufactured in our modern shop.

One final thing, we love working with unusual requests and odd problems. We will work collegially with you to find solutions, solve problems and answer questions.  Unlike some companies that work on only one kind of bleacher, there is no brand that is beyond the realm of our expertise.

Bleachers are often the single biggest piece of equipment that your school, sports facility or municipality will ever own. Trust the Indoor bleacher repairs to American Athletix.  Turn to us for advice.  We are also happy to provide a comparison quote for any bleacher repairs that you are considering.


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