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Bleacher End Curtains discourage unwanted wandering under your bleachers while adding graphics opportunities to raise school spirit and sell advertising to help with funding.

Promats® Athletics Bleacher Enclosures or vinyl end curtains are custom built to your bleacher dimensions and provide a measure of protection from injury and vandalism. The Bleacher Enclosure is attached to the framework of your bleacher and as the rows of your bleacher fold atop each other the Closure folds, like a curtain, and stores itself behind the bleachers. Vinyl end curtains protect you from any unnecessary entry to the structure of your bleacher.

Our mesh enclosures are the same design as the vinyl bleacher enclosures, with an eye toward the lighter weight necessary for the larger bleacher systems, when rows exceed the 10-12 range. The high strength, low weight mesh is a 13 x 11 construction made from a 100% woven vinyl-coated polyester. By reducing the overall weight of the bleacher enclosure we eliminate the load on the attachment system, ensuring ease of use and enhancing the useful life of the system.

The vinyl bleacher enclosure consists of 19 Oz. vinyl with #2 grommets located every 6″ for hanging and attaching to mounting brackets. All hardware to attach the enclosure to the bleacher and brackets is included; the customer must provide the hardware to attach the wall mount bracket.

American Athletix, not only sells Bleacher End Curtains,  we install them.  If you want to do it yourself we will ship you the turnkey solution and, if needed, coach you through the process by phone or text.  Big bang for the buck here.  People will notice and be impressed by the vibes that new bleacher enclosures give off when teamed with our custom graphics.

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