Bleacher Boss

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The Bleacher Boss is what you need to move your bleachers.  Others try to open and close their bleachers with bleacher mules, bleacher buddies, portable power tractors or bleacher pullers.

If you have ever tried to open bleachers manually you will know they don’t need a mule– mules can be stubborn. “Tractors” are better suited for farming. Getting bleachers open doesn’t require a “buddy” — they need a Bleacher Boss. Bleachers need something that will put them in their place and the Bleacher Boss is the low cost answer.

American Athletix provides you with affordable power, a Boss, to move those stubborn bleachers.  A Bleacher Boss for those applications when our integral power system just isn’t something you can invest in right now.   A Bleacher Boss is something that we will buy back from you, if you decide, later, that you want us to provide and, possibly, install our American Athletix integral power system.

A low cost way to easier bleacher operation.

We are shipping these portable bleacher movers all over the United States.

As budgets shrink and manpower diminishes, the Bleacher Boss is an affordable alternative that allows one person to open most bleachers.

A peek “under the hood” reveals a peppy machine capable of moving up to 15 rows of bleachers.

Even with all that power, you can free wheel it easily where you want it to go. You have the best of both worlds – a bleacher mover that steps nimbly between assignments and has the muscle you need! Its 1⁄4 hp motor produces 600 foot pounds of torque at the drive wheels.

Put the Boss to work for you today.


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