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Batting Cages for Baseball and Softball.  Golf Netting.  American Athletix offers these in cooperation with Draper, Spalding, and Gared.  Great prices, professional installation and timely service provide the kind of association desired by Public and Private Schools, Colleges and Sports Clubs throughout Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Pennsylvania.  Consultation on these and other products and services are always available for free from the professionals at American Athletix.

Indoors or outdoors, we know why the caged batter swings. From motorized, to draw pull, to stationary we have the batting cages and the netting to help all those who strike a ball hone their craft. Our “swing away” batting cage program can help your school.

It’s not just a batting cage. Our netting works with baseballs, softballs, golf balls, tennis balls and you can practice kicking footballs and soccer balls—many activities can move indoors. Practical in application and design, the unit is motor operated. A turn of the key allows our Lynrus hoists to raise or lower the cage suspended from a rotating drive pipe.

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