Integral Bleacher Power Units

Power Units for your bleachers will extend their life for many years. Nick, one of our service techs, cleans the drive rollers on an American Athletix power unit.  One of the best things you can do for good traction on the power units is to keep these rollers clean.  To learn more about keeping your bleachers ready for Power Systems on Bleachers Need Regular Cleaningaction send us an email to or call 888-399-4999.

If you have an older model of bleacher that doesn’t give you the option of opening them electrically and that is one of the main reasons you are thinking about replacing your current seating, let me say, “Stop! Wait just a minute. We can provide you with that capability at just a fraction of the cost of new bleachers.”

American Athletix’ power units can tie bleacher sections together so all adjacent units will open simultaneously.  It will save you money.  Time spent performing this task will decrease.  Danger of straining a back and filing a workman’s comp claim will diminish.

These units work with just about every bleacher brand: Hussey, Interkal, Irwin, Berlin, Safway and virtually all other telescopic bleachers.

American Athletix manufactures these units, installs them and maintains them.

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