With decades of experience, nothing gets by our inspectors.

Improperly working bleachers are workman’s comp. claims waiting to happen.


You already know why your bleachers are inspected. You want your spectators to be safe. You don’t want the fans falling through¬†the footboards. You want your bleacher operators to be safe.

The question is who should inspect your bleachers?
No one inspects bleachers like the bleacher pros at American Athletix. Our experienced inspectors thoroughly check all parts of your bleachers including supports, attachments, motors and rails.

We offer:

  • Complete, detailed written reports describing what was checked.
  • Text and photos explaining areas to be checked regularly by your
  • in-house maintenance and items needing repair or replacement.
  • Bleacher maps that pinpoint defects
  • Report delivery by mail (as paper or on CD) or PDF email attachment
  • Acu-quotes for repairs
  • Experienced service technicians with certified welders


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