We’re all about safety, service, and value.

Indoor or outdoor, wherever you play, American Athletix is there to support you

Located in Muskegon, MI and serving customers nationally, American Athletix offers a variety of services and products to make your facility safer, better looking, and more dependable.

Our bleacher and gym inspection background means that everything we do starts with a thorough understanding of your needs. We look for solutions and educate our customers on best practices to ensure that facilities are functioning to their fullest potential.

We are your partners on every facility need

Owners Tim Philippart and Mark Scott understand how important it is to you to have a reliable system. With decades of experience, hundreds of schools trust us to take care of their facilities. Tim is a former school board president and understands the financial challenges facing bleacher owners and their need to maximize value with each purchase.

"One of the best parts of starting American Athletix," said Tim, "is the spirit with which we have been welcomed. Schools have been looking for a choice that puts their needs first and American Athletix is dedicated to that. Schools are embracing the opportunity to get price comparisons on everything from repairs to inspections to replacement boards and parts."

Mark became co-owner of American Athletix in 2010. A life-long West Michigan native, Mark brings over 20 years of bleacher experience to American Athletix. “It’s always been about bleacher safety,” said Mark, “safety for spectators and safety for operators.” And that same concern for bleacher safety has developed into safety products and services for the entire facility –from protective wall padding, to backboard safety straps, divider curtains and more. “We have proven ourselves over the years with bleachers and because of that, facility directors trust and rely on us for all their key sports equipment, indoors and out.”

The staff at American Athletix consists of some of the most experienced bleacher and gym equipment professionals in the industry. With decades of problem-solving experience, our customer service staff has the tools to find solutions to your most challenging bleacher issues. The bleacher pros at American Athletix have completed thousands of inspections on bleachers of nearly every make, model, and size.